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hearing with the public utilities commission and department of the environment to review their plans for preserving water, and protecting san francisco's watershed from drought and fire, given we are in the midst of the worst dry spell in 100 years, and governor brown has asked all californians to reduce their water use by 20 city clerk: [hearing - drought preparations] sponsor: breed hearing with the public utilities commission and department of the environment to review their plans for preserving water, and protecting san francisco's watershed from drought and fire, given we are in the midst of the worst dry spell in 100 years, and governor brown has asked all californians to reduce their water use city clerk: [hearing - drought preparations] sponsor: breed hearing with the public utilities commission and department of the environment to review their plans for preserving water, and protecting san francisco's watershed from drought and fire, given we are in the midst of the worst dry spell in 100 years, and governor brown has asked all californians to reduce their water use by 20 ok
as less than important. the current command environment makes it hard to keep outside influences away from all criminal cases in a command regardless of the commander's view or the unit's view of them as commanders. removing all judicial punishment decisions from the command will keep them clear of all repercussions, including to their command, their career, and their general morale of the unit. loafing judicial punishment with commanders is not just a problem in the mishandling of sexual assault cases with the victim blaming. i have experienced, as well as others, a command environment is simply not a top -- not a top-down environment. my new -- a new commander may take command in an established structure, and the disruption of the structure regardless of how honorable their intentions can lead challenges to that command. this removal of the judicial punishments from the command would remove conflicts both to and from the commanders. this also prevents a commander from lessening the charges to whatever keeps it in the command, or at its lowest levels, either out of concern that the accuse
an incredible environment for them and it's really important that we stick to the hours for them otherwise there won't be a place for these kids to work and learn what they are doing and have an impact as a city. we are talking about affordable living and the city being livable, but without places like the marsh which we have been losing right and left, the city is not livable and when we talk about housing, we are talking about housing for working people because i understand the two, he didn't want to do the low income units. this is luxury. i hope you stick to what it's. if not, i will come back. i know we are on public access tv and i know that adds on 20 pounds. >> yes it does. i'm gene gore. this is my fourth time here and i also agree with all of the stipulations that you also so graciously and correctly passed unanimously and i don't understand why the opposition, the developers keep coming back and back and back. and also i'm very much in favor of having the construction down. i performed at the marsh. i know that i can't imagine performing with construction noises in the backgroun
environment. is there one or two lessons he could learn from those previous presidencies? >> he is trying hard. he has an awful situation. the republican party is terribly divided. it is terribly divided, so they spend much of their time fighting each other. they don't have the time to mess with democrats. >> there is not much he can do? >> he is trying. i think the staff that he has is good. but, they are not doing enough to get close to the congress. they are doing better. it is going to take a long time to get over and get past that point. if they take too long, there is no task remaining until he is out of the door. >> you have said your favorite speaker was sam rayburn. let me ask you a few questions. tip o'neill. >> a wonderful guy. everybody loved him. both republicans, democrats. he was a good speaker. another irishman was a great one. john mccormick. he was the protÉge of rayburn. he also was mentor of tip o'neill. it was a wonderful succession. the understood how the place should work and how people could work together. >> on the other side, newt gingrich. >> newt gingrich is a frie
steps in advancing and protecting human rights. to foster an environment that allows for dialogue and political reconciliation, some of the specific areas we encourage progress is in releasing prisoners who have -- encouraging confidence building and reconciliation and accountability for allegations of security force excesses. this, weghout all of unequivocally reject violence on all sides and we want to encourage the positive evolution bahrain.jn -- of >> about venezuela. thishreat continues in country against freedom of expression. president maduro is opening a news conference about peace. about it?our comments >> on more specific venezuela developments, i would have to give the floor to marie. but with respect to the human rights report, we certainly identified a number of key concerns in development in 2013. the passage of presidential decree powers, increases of power in the executive branch, we documented legal actions against tv stations, media outlets and journalists. we also documented the use of the judiciary to intimidate and selectively prosecute political union busine
to the environment by the way it is being grown in california. i agree that california might get around this, but it is doing a lot of damage to the environment the way it is being done in california. as it turns out, i did see that piece. the legalizers would say that is why this needs to be legalized. you go out into the wilderness in california, yes, they are using tremendous amounts of pesticides, herbicides and who knows what. the environmental this action is quite phenomenal. this is marijuana growth outside the law. the legalizers would say that is one more reason to bring it under a state jurisdiction, because that way the environmental benefits even to legalizing marijuana. piece. great if people are interested in this as an issue, go on mother jones. host: a tweet from a viewer -- guest: which is what happened last week and san francisco. a mom had her daughter set up in of a medical marijuana dispensary and sold out 157 boxes in record time. excited -- aside, what are the under industries -- other industries popping up because of colorado? guest: that is the joke that' frito sales
started in 2008. the poll found people in environment, north dakota had the lowest flu rates. in the bay area new new flu deaths reported this week. santa clara leads bay area with the most death. a 15th victim was reported earlier this week. >>> new troubles for sears, the retailer is investigating a possible security breach. officials with sears say they are actively reviewing their systems, but so far have found no information indicating a breach. it's not clear what prompted the security investigation. according to bloomberg news the security review is still at an early stage and pinpointing a cyber attack can take weeks of the sears is already coping with years' of declining sale and looking to reenergy sales with a focus on echief meteorologist. >>> it appears that a reaction to spike lee harsh word of gentrification came in the form of a spray can and a rock or two. somebody painted "do the right thing on lee'sliehood home in brooklyn. vandals painted the stairs on lee family home as well. incident happened days after the filmmaker spoke out about wealthy new residents moving into
in school is health practices, their diet, their sleeping and also the school environment that they're in so having a school environment based on caring and respect, one where discipline is equitable and fair and not suspended for things they shouldn't be and rigorous curriculum that's based on high expectations so that means having ap classes and honors classes and enrichment programs at the schools. all help black males to achieve in school. >> james, you contend that charity is not justice and that philanthropy is not policy. what do you mean? >> well, charity is not justice is my quote. i think the question is about scale. i don't disagree with either of our guests here. i think they're right in their assessment of it and starting the conversation but the question for me is about scale and while i appreciate and applaud all of the foundations at the table and the corporations that will come to the table, i think the federal government's got to be at the table to bring to scale the things that ivory's talking about. talking about nutrition in the public school system, if you want to talk
and environment you really see the need. we are hoping that what we have spear headed will be a catalyst for other ministries to parner with the school because the is a need for volunteers. on behalf of the [inaudible] we say thank you for honoring us. >> thank you. [inaudible] no cutting supervisor ye. i am going to our district 2 colleague supervisor mark ferrule >> thank you. i will speak with the church theme that supervisor co00 worked with. growing aup as a catholic in san francisco a large opart of my family life and was and continues to be with our local perish. we have great pastors and none butter than we have no it is a honor to bring up [inaudible] pastor at saint vincent de paul church. to give a bit background on sfauther ken, he grew up in washington dc. first saw san francisco as the merchant marines and a graduate in 74 where my father was also a graduate. he served 21 years in the naval reserve and after leaving the merchant hurenes [inaudible] ordained in nov 81. i think most stuny [inaudible] you were the first affric american to be ordained in the archdio
learning environment. she volunteers for the global [inaudible] which affords students the students to experience a summer abroad in developing countries. [inaudible] served 26 years in the u.s. army and required with honors in 2013. major munt gumry is a part of the liberation of kuwait and the iraqy war. she has plans to begin a business administration plan in 2015. she lived in several states and countries and as a traveller embrays change. her commitment of the country and communities serves as huge [inaudible] we work foointhrich lives of students outside the classroom we atrack a [inaudible] such as major price mont gumry. today we want to thank her for her work and hope you will continue for many years at lincoln high school >> thank you all. i would like to thank [inaudible] with only 6 months of adult teaching and living in san francisco i feel i have a lot oto do and am up to thatd challenge. i believe i'm only here because of the hard work of my students. i draw from thir energy. serving in the military has a level of distinction, but not until i walked into t
reans one formula retail fill different inches in the retail environment and two the c u controls may not be that meaningful since few complete the threshold. this table is designed to illustrate the mix of retailers. in commercial districts with formula retails in place the most common types of stores a pharmacy stores and apparel and assessor stores and other grocery stores. it includes pet stores and others to name a few. the most common types of the specialize retail stores are grocery stores. those are the prevalence of the pharmacies requesting the many cities lcd. the apparel stores are the majority of the retail. are apparel stores are the most common stores of independence followed by independence stores. this is the formula stores by location. 28 percent of formula retailers are hautd in california with half in san francisco. notable commercial district with the controls are for distinctlyly owned franchises than districts without controls. this chart shows formula retail stores by corporate owners. this is associated with companies that have more than 10 thousand 45 brandis
in a challenging and changing environment requires us to prioritiertize and make difficult choices. >> secretary of defense, chuck hagel announced this week, a new five year budget for the pent began that could reshape the armed forces. one, army cuts. the u.s. army is already scheduled to drop from today's active duty force of 5 hundred 22,000 troops to 492,000 next year. serve secretary--secretary hagel wants to bring the total to 440,000 troops by the year 2019, six years from now. it will be the smallest sized u.s. army in 75 years, which brings us back to before world war i i. here is secretary hagel on why. >> we are no longer sizing the force. >> that is called army speak. you figure out it. two, marine corp. cuts to 182,000. three, army national guard cuts from # 3-0 hundred 55,000 to- -from 355,000 to 335,000. four,s special operations up from 66,000 today to 66,000 because the forces are uniquely suited for the most likely missions of the future. five, the loser, the a10 wart hog tank killer plane. cold war era spy plain, retired. drone, unmanned aircraft, they are hot. four, six, mili
to understand the environment he's moving into and the neighborhood he's moving into and needs to accept the decision you made that is you must be a good neighbor and treat your neighbors in a way that is not going to perhaps affect their ability to survive. that's what this is all at stake. for that i thank you for taking efforts to make sure the marsh doesn't thrive and survive. i think we can coexist. thank you for allowing that. >>> good evening, my name is joy and i'm speaking on behalf of the housing association. i'm asking you to comply with the last hearing. the last california code 56689.5 is inapplicable. i read the law. it's unapplicable on numerous ground because of the process not having been completed. the board of appeals has made it's findings base on substantial evidence and there is well grounded on the planning of the city and the mixed use for special stores. it's a restaurant and i would tad developer really has though challenge. i support a building with four floors and maybe 10 units and i also support affordable housing. real housing for middle income residents,
with our environments. they know our school and teachers and community and students. here is the reason. more money is spent or professionals and other support staff will be needed to travel to new sites for all over districts. this place has physical therapy, occupational therapy, everything right there. that would be so hard for a parent to take the kids somewhere else. in conclusion, we want to strongly encourage that you do not tear apart our community. in addition we would be happy if you could epithe -- keep the i talk program. this is a developing class. they want to keep their friends in wheelchairs with communication devices there, thank you. [ applause ] >> next speaker please. >> yes, good evening, hello my name is maria sanchez. this is pedro martinez. he has cerebral palsy. and he works with the -- to communicate with people and do homework. i have a bunch of stuff here and i have a lot at my house. like he wrote my journal, today is monday. he talked about the weather. i have a letter from the teacher when he got it wrong, the wrong words. he said, i want to do it again.
the environment and contribute to global warming. >> our coverage of this winter storm is just getting started. rain, ice, snow. who gets what and when? >> plus, the butter cold that's coming in behind the snow. why the snow that we get tomorrow isn't going anywhere mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> a man who was shot at the green line this morning was grazed while walking out of the station this morning. he walked out of the hospital and refused to speak to police. and no arrests have been made. >>> tonight show host jimmy fallon is a man of his word. this morning he anxioused the challenge of chicago mayor rahm emanuel and jumped into icy lake michigan. are you kidding me? he wore his suit
that an environment of low rates, low interest rates, especially when it p prevails for a long time, and we have had a long period of low interest rates can give rise to behavior that poses threats to financial stability. and therefore we need to be looking at that very carefully. and we are doing so in a very thorough way, i believe. there are a number of things that we are monitoring. measures of asset prices and whether or not they appear to be diverging from historical norms. namely it's hard but trying to spot any asset price bubbles that might be emerging. we're looking at leverage, which build up in leverage can be very dangerous to the financial system and pose stability risks. we're looking at trends in leverage. we're looking at credit growth to see whether or not that has potentially worrisome trends. in addition to that we're looking the particularly through the stress tests at financial institutions and a low interest rate environment. we have to worry about whether or not they're appropriately dealing with interest rate risk ls. we have been looking at that and, in fact, our current st
in a different world. we wanted to create an environment that the guests don't want to move. it's been a long haul. really, how many awards show, how much rain, how much traffic? i really do want to create meaningful experiences. i really want to create an environment where those can gather to celebrate. >> reporter: there is plenty to see here and eat here thanks to wolfgang puck and his staff. i'm calling this party beauty and the feast.v, >> it's all of wolfgang's favorites and then some. they're sitting down and having like one dinner, eight ounces or 12 ounces of one thing, they'll have 40 different items. >> reporter: i tasted the mac and cheese with black truffle. now i know why truffles are so expensiv expensive. i took my oscar to go and on the subject of oscars -- >> here is the engraving station. this is exactly where the winners will be with one guest with a glass of champagne and having their oscar engraved. >> reporter: this ball takes place in a 28,000 square foot room, surrounded with some remarkable vertical garden. >> it has to be the next. it has to be the new idea, and the
come in here and you're really in a different world. we wanted to create an environment that the guests don't want to move. it's been a long haul. really, how many awards show, how much rain, how much traffic? i really do want to create meaningful experiences. i really want to create an environment where those can gather to celebrate. >> reporter: there is plenty to see here and eat here thanks to wolfgang puck and his staff. i'm calling this party beauty and the feast. >> it's all of wolfgang's favorites and then some. they're sitting down and having like one dinner, eight ounces or 12 ounces of one thing, they'll have 40 different items. >> reporter: i tasted the mac and cheese with black truffle. i took my oscar to go and on the subject of oscars -- >> here is the engraving station. this is exactly where the winners will be with one guest with a glass of champagne and having their oscar engraved. >> reporter: this ball takes place in a 28,000 square foot room, surrounded with some remarkable vertical garden. >> it has to be the next. it has to be the new idea, and the installation lo
to their moneys stashed in british banks, that would become a very different russian environment. now they're walking in the streets happy and screaming. you know, ukraine is russia, or crimea is russia. i would like to see russia completely closed. it is not the cold war, but if the borders are closed for other reasons, how popular will putin become with grandiose strategies. >> certainly once you start messing with people's money, they take it very personally. lawrence, a question i had about this is, you know, there are other actors on the world stage who are like in syria, like karzai, who's been particularly difficult. how does the way that president obama handles this situation impact, you know -- iran is another one. what are these world leaders looking for? >> well, i think all of these are interrelated. while we want to penalize putin for doing this, you need his help both in syria and eastern. without the russians putting the sanctions on iran, we would not be at the negotiating table. i think you have to keep these things in mind. your other guests would know this. the soviets c
of all technological environment. he was so important he called him my boy. he came to the united states and worked under this program that at the time i did not know was called "operation paperclip." how did this work? have you go to having the pentagon as a boss? and when he retired in the '70s he was given the distinguished civilian service award which is the highest award that the department of defense can give to a non uniformed person. to understand "operation paperclip" you really must go back to the fall of 1944. that was a very dark time. this was a rise and fall of the third reich. landing at normandy pushing to munich and berlin. among the soldiers are scientist with the u.s. military. they are part of a secret mission to find what they call atomic biological chemical weapons. abc weapons. the real threat but city will who was the head of the operation was a particle physicist learn to sitting in the abandoned apartment in november 1944 that the atomic program telling him his minister of armaments atomic science is jewish science. said don't concentrate on that. i am paraphras
problems by doing things out of your environment. john: in terms of people texting? on the trade they would read papers they were not communicating either. >> but they were reading about the world. john: theyre communicating. >> about their socks. are they cool? day you know, what they're texting stossel? john: not all of them. >> ty are no talking world leaders. john: of 320 million ople live that there are a few. >> no. what they had for dinner and where are the best tacos. john: any chance you just are grouchy old man? i was a grouchy little kid and teenagers and adults of would not say i am old. you are old. i am not old. john: a look at what they create. facebook is wonderful. >> it is if you can control it. john: it is this cyberspace addiction an epidemic. >> leading to a weaker america. >> no doubt. john: socrates said love for the tree they have bad manners old people complained about the young people. so what? >> crates said thahat then he drank and died. [laughter] he was so depressed t young degeneration agrees. >> in this case we will find t. >> they are smarter than you but n
to help alleviate problems based in urban environments. >> tell me what have you guys built? what is it? >> it's a big -- it's an integrated lawn. >> what kinds of plants did you plant in yours? >> lettuce, basil, and carrots. >> this is something i could grow on my roof? >> yeah. >> if you want -- if you went to your landlord and asked him, can i grow some plants on the roof and he said sure, it's easier to get your food from a local place, and it's healthier and -- >> you're harvesting, do you select a large plant? >> with the help of the students, this particular greenhouse can produce up to 9,000 pounds of produce a year. more than the kids could ever eat, so this class of second graders voted to donate their greens to meals on wheels. >> we appreciate it. >> which delivered the produce to a senior citizens senior in midtown manhattan. >> so one of the great things about all the produce that they produce here is that it's a great way to connect to the community. >> just like the students, many businesses are also experimenting with hydroponic greenhouses, a point not lost on the kid
. this is uncommon or to other for hours tonight and then the most important thing is to ensure an environment of peace security and political stability and cambodia. so investors keep coming. you laugh. johnson fact is the government they will politely tell them the way for us. enjoy significant profits tax on workers and told the patient to sit still and be thankful for the small white concrete steel and jenna the nicest remains hopeful for the first time ever conveyed his textile workers to cast on an exercise their rights. course will stay in touch with our server was as defined out of latino workers get the software i so desperately fighting for. now ms from your community and the world needs to know about and hugs me to see him for the next episode. sabres acts. i know i knew. and when. at all the road. i do. i am. in the all in. i can i eye thousands of ukrainian troops stationed in the clammy and i were forcibly rejecting he is a new authority. switching allegiance joining up with local defence projects meanwhile resistance is breathtaking tens of thousands of ukraine's eastern regions
the environment and are seeking comfort in his book the police. will the situation that has allowed on our website and also the actions that also has a driving force in financing any meat and chicken dishes. so i present for five minutes remaining that region. weapons. and there's good news for the faithful and kindle the sport's governing bodies as it's a painful one and as a team that has become a jury in june. the thing is i'm afraid he's having a major headache for person of the soaring levels of crime is again xd muslims and this is the middle of the side the all stars has held talks on the huns oc some press reports now on a self styled christian patrol stressing to infinity and community tensions the time of the debate given that the coating that is in a patrol in town. but the hills that this small but neat only listen to toast the new tricycle great calling themselves the recent past have responded by holding what they tout christie and two thrones and this patrol comes complete with out a fake who fall through the delivery of the whole thing is almighty. he joins them that they take to t
in a safe academic setting. avila--"there's no better environment to do it than oa community college campus." d students under 21 years old a lower sampling age would w them to achieve a higher understanding of wine. williams--"people going offt what it smells like, they're missing a lot." cortes--"it would actually make me pay attention in class...become part of the class for the tastings." of course there are restrictions...tas te wine are restrictions...tas te we only...put in sww or consume. doesn't apply if just taking 1 wine class for fun. this is for schools th have established viticulture programs. governor jerry brown made it official this past week tha is running for re- election and he did it by tweeting o the announcement we sat down with republican state vice chair harmeet dhn and the chronicle's joe garifoli and asked how the race is shapeg up. nc_matier#1#001 - 08:08:12; what are jerry brown's chans for reelection? joe: he cank backwards into the governo' mansion..he is facing two, t well- known candidates, they don't have a lot of moeny, should be a barring...him
and comprehensive school, safety and supportive school environment but it is hard work. integrating all of these. and the staff that is going to be trained, in these different practices, needs to go back to the school and train their colleagues, and but perhaps in another one is the challenges is really kind of a shift in mind set, i mean that it is really about changing from a punitive mind set to a supportive and compassionate mind set and to be thinking more about support and not about the consequences for behavior and how we are going to react to those behaviors and that really changes someone's way of and as a principal and i can tell you that that is challenging work to talk with your colleagues, about you know, how to change the trajectory of that school. and so i think that those are difficult barriers to predict as to the time line and when that is going to come out but the time and i guess that you would say, the attitude and mind set. and major barriers. >> other comments, commissioners? >> commissioner wynn? >> thank you. >> and i just want to thank everybody for being here this even
. that is the point of change for solomon. that is the point of understanding what the environment can do to him. and i think that is the sort of psychological difficulty. that is the psychological warfare, psychological drama in all of this. this has been such a remarkable experience, you know? one of the most amazing -- the most amazing experience i have had as an actor. and it just takes a bit of rest. just enjoying opening the film and showing it to people. and i feel like there is still so much to say about it, that it is not a film you open and then get tired of the conversation about it. i think it does really still inform me. >> transformational character -- every actor's dream. the next nominees for best actor talked about the unique opportunity to take that on. leonardo dicaprio plays a real-life stockbroker in "the wolf of wall street." many say it is his most compelling performance. and in "nebraska," bruce dern has taken what he calls the role of a lifetime. he is woody grant, an aging maverick in a road trip across the northwest with his son. >> i knew i had waited a long time to g
environment, and he had a mum and he had grandparents and teachers who looked out for him. his view was if every child - they should have the opportunities he had. we all have a responsibility to make sure we provide that to them, and there are examples of programs that are working, improving the young men, the boy's lives, putting them on a positive trajectory, and we should put them to scale. it's good, not just for moral reasons, but it's good for the economy. they are the workforce for tomorrow. >> you talk about what is good for the economy and important for business, you will need the partnership of business. this is an initiative funded not by the federal government. >> the president said it's not a big federal government program. we shouldn't require additional resources, we should be smarter about how to use the resources and make sure they support programs that work and create incentives. this responsibility comes down on the business community. they can provide summer jobs, internship, mentorship, funding of not for profit organizations such as becoming a man. when you li
is he lived in a forgiving environment. he had a mom and teachers and adults who looked out for him. his hope was that these young men would have the chances that he had. programs that are improving these boys' lives amount putting them on -- and putting them on a positive trajectory, so we can touch many, many more men and do what we know will work. that's good not just for moral reasons but that it's good for our economy. they are our workforce of tomorrow and we hav should inven them. >> you talk about what's important for economy and business and you will need the cooperation of business. >> the president said this is not another big federal program. in fact we shouldn't require additional resources. we should be smarter about how we use the resources that we do have. we should make sure that the funds that we have are going to support programs that work and creating incentives for programs that work. but this responsibility comes down on the business community. and they have responsibility. they can provide summer jobs. internships, mentorship, funding of not for profit provide thes
environment, you know? and i've got to find my way, essentially. so -- >> are you going to ring it? >> one more thing to do. as he launched his brand-new life. visit the grandparents in florida he feared he would never see again. >> this is so strange. it's been so long. >> and so we arranged this. >> papa. >> oh, my god. >> how is it going? >> oh! i love you. >> i love you, man. how you been? >> i'm fine. >> oh. good. >> hug mom. >> ryan! it's been a long time, hasn't it? >> too long. >> let me look at you. >> and then the next morning, the sun rose over the sea. and ryan ferguson breathed in the ocean air, felt the world open around him, touched his feet to the warm sand. >> haven't been here for years. >> and life began anew. >> to freedom and a great family. >> that's all >> nbc bay area news starts now. >>> good evening and thanks for joining us. >> we are tracking the storm but the worst is over. one of the placest hit hardest was the california coast. waves batted the shoreline put something people in danger. >> forest was e
to realize the enormity of their decision to get pregnant outside of a safe environment. >> this is not my idea of a day off. >> you've had a nice trip out. >> that's true, but scott was in a really bad mood and the school proved all of his fears correct. >> so it's hit scott badly. >> yeah, it has. now he's even more terrified because he's like, what if i am pregnant, you know. he's definitely going through it right now. i don't know how to really make it better for him either. >> although the school makes it clear that they don't discriminate, tom's not yet ready to accept this. >> i'm not going to let one person's opinion of me just ruin my family. >> it's nearly two weeks since scott's insemination and he's decided that today's the day to take a pregnancy test. >> chances are it's going to be negative and that doesn't mean that i'm not, you know. it just means i did it too early and i wasn't patient enough. >> why aren't you doing it with tom? >> because i want to surprise tom. last time when we took the test and it was positive, he was here, and so we like, you know, but i kind of wan
. >> the environment where stereo types still exist. >> in the army you have to fight to be treated equally. you don't want to be -- personally i don't want to be treated i can't do anything now that i'm pregnant. >> a competitive spirit that appears strong after baby. allen reports 80% of women on the program return to duty after six months, passing the physical fitness test which including meeting the military's requirement. in a matter of weeks, it's this mom's turn. >> i'm ready to go. >> a real impressive group there. as for women who are not ready by that goal date, i'm told it's usually because of complications of pregnancy and recovery. >>> back to the big story. the winter system headed our way. road salt is one of the hardest items to get a hold of. we're showing you alternatives to prevent slips and falls on your property. >>> we've heard when the snow will start. when will it move out? chuck's forecast is coming up next. >>> we'll be with you first in the morning bringing you delays and cancellations. news >>> this week's "wednesday's child" is a young man that just celebrated his 14th b
tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. >>> perseverance pays off. texas high school football player michael aramirez threw a hail mary catchi. and he did it. >> of course. showing everybody in class. everybody is high fives. don't forget your real friends. >> promise is a promise. as soon as he asked me, i said yes and so i'm sticking to that. i'm there. >> love it. he plans to wear a red, white and blue texas attitude's dough. >>> are you one of those obamacare, quote, liars? jacob says my rate increased a whopping 42%. daniel says now i have no coverage and running out of prescriptions soon. thank you for sharing. you are real people. that's it for us. fox news sunday is up next. before we go, might not realize it, but the competition for best original song is where a lot of the drama is for many reasons that the year's oscar, but in part because of a buzz surrounding a song that parents and kids everywhere can't get out of their head
, get used to just the environment of television. and i think it will -- he'll settle down -- i think he settled down a little bit by friday. >> but he's 25 and has blue eyes. what more kooupt? >> exactly. >> and by the way, joe, he had no previous journalistic experience. after three days on the air, he won a coveted cronkite award. >> it must be the nobel people giving out that award. i feel sorry for ronan farrow. "new york times," entertainment weekly, but from msnbc president phil griffin who said i met this kid for 20 minutes and i knew he had it and he should have his own perform. he had the lowest rated show on all of msnbc on monday and thol those ratings dropped throughout the week. what i would have done is put him on a show like the cycle, an opinion show, not as much heavy lifting for a co-host and give him his training wheels until you give him his own show for one hour which he's not done any broadcasting, local, community access or especially national. >> it's tough to be thrown into that chair. finally, msnbc let alec baldwin go a while back. he has cover story in "new y
of the new media environment. the consumer is a much more in control. you just have to wait to be spoonfed when of the major networks wanted to give you. now there's this rich cornucopia, and your biggest challenge is to sit through the vast array of information available to you. it is there if you want to find it very -- it. the: we're talking about president and his 90 minute conversation with vladimir putin. i think vladimir putin views barack obama? guest: how shall i put this? i think he holds him and minimal high regard. warning sign that he was start taking him lightly was in september 2009. it was september 17. on that fateful day, barack obama made a unilateral decision, without insulting his allies that he was going to and the program that had been developed under the previous administration to build missile defense systems in the czech republic and poland, two of our strongest allies. the czech and polish government had really gone out on a limb and sacrificed a lot of credibility and prestige. their product -- they thought tremendous little battles to get these bases approved c
tbn much. he is glossed over that part of his career but he was in this environment and soaking up these techniques that 20 years later he would use an and "fox news." >> host: what about the idea of repetition. tuc foxes repeating the message throughout the day? >> guest: that is one of the principles box uses as they develop story lines. the health care debate was a classic storyline the run-up to the iraq war. >> host: good guys, bad guys? >> guest: they developed adversary so let's take the case of iraq. "fox news" was hammering the united nations and france and remember the whole freedom fries thing quick they were hammering al-jazeera the airbase television network's hostile anti-american. michael moore was a "fox news" enemy. they develop these characters on the opposing side and then they would build up their characters on the pro-side. george w. bush as the hero. they develop these story lines and repeat them through the day. they would start on fox and friends and go to the news hour and continued to prime-time. you see that going back to tbn with the repetition of stower
redistricting has made almost every seat safe from the national political environment. but what it does talk about is just the overall mood and the mood right now is favoring republicans. that generic ballot traditionally is more supportive of democrats. there are more people who are registered as democrats in this country or who identify as democrats. >> which a 4 point lead for republicans that translates into big numbers of seats in like red or purplish states. if you are in arkansas or in alaska, louisiana, north carolina, places where the senate is resting, that four-point lead looks like a ten-point republican lead and that's bad news. >> going back to 2010, a big republican sweep in the house, i believe the generic ballots were relatively close. >> but if you go back to 2006 -- >> right. >> last time democrats won control at this point in the cycle, nobody thought that democrats were going to be able to take control of the house. i think it's still very early and the best that democrats can do is what they're doing. where they're recruiting good candidates your raising republicans qua
-dominated environment, but in our country we would have considered her a curator of the small museum which if any of you had been to paris and walked from the concorde to the lewd, you walked right past this building as was the kind of early stage indoor tennis court in the 17th century, and it became the central headquarters for the operation in france and paris in particular, and it wass there bu that the tens of thouss of words stolen from the great collectors and fans and others so many of whom were also dealer families were brought in and they were often photographed in inventory to sign and this is a particularly evil or pernicious element of what they did they puwould assign inventory code to these works of art so rothschild is an example, the number next to it would be the number of items that they had stolen, andd i've seen in the tory numbers up almost 6,000, and even that is an understatement because any of the things the monuments officers found, which michael has done a great job in the '80s writing about a lot of this were jewelry chests that might have hundreds of objects that count as on
promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. >>> hello, nerdland. prepare yourself for a moment of deja vu. or maybe i should say, deja vote. see what i did there? because i can't say it any better than melissa or joy reid already have, like, you know, last weekend. >> unfortunately, it also means we've had to dust off the tried and true graphic that regular viewers of mhp show will remember from the last election cycle, back in 2012. that's right, this week in voter suppression! and this week in voter suppression, the state of ohio is back at it again. >> now, you guys know i love joy. it is not a contest. but let me try. once again, today, we have an edition of "this week in voter suppression sclts "! and it's brought to you by the letters o-h-i-o. it was just over a week ago that ohio governor john kasich signed laws that cut six days off of early voting and absentee ballots were limited and john husted delivered another setback to voting rights with another cu
, about other people and the movement. he also really cares about the economics and also the environment. i think that gets forgotten in a lot of this equal rights and stuff. but i really -- i'm hearing my voice going on, on the inform the other room -- >> host: heidi, do you have a question that you would like -- please ask it. >> caller: yes. i would like to know what he thinks about how obama has not really heeded the message that cornel west has about equality and meeting with him. it seems like tavis and west have gone out of their way to hold things in d.c., but that they don't get recognized -- >> host: all right. we got the point. peniel joseph. >> guest: i think it's being. i think somebody like obama -- obviously he has an emerge icon otography in the black community. some kwame would be very critical of obama and his policies, and when you think about cornel west and the critique they've had wednesday president obama, for the first anytime american history we actually had an african-american president. that's presented a conundrum for african-american civil rights leadership,
are to the environment. state department releasing a sthament it might not have a significant impact. we're still waiting for the obama administration to weigh in and decide whether or not they're going to green light the construction of that pipeline. >>> the strange signs a california couple saw before realizing they'd been sitting on a golden treasure. >>> in today's office politics, joy reid most of "the reid report." and why the criticism of efforts to help young minority men. but, first, i asked joy what's at risk in kentucky's high profile senate race. >> this is one of the most races in the country. first of all, it has happened that somebody at mitch mcconnell's level has been brought down. it's possible that he could lose this thing. i don't think it's possible that he loses the primary. but it's possible that the primary drags him down with that tea party base. all of the tragedy of is fascinating. rand paul, a junior senator but really now a boss now. you've got this old-fashioned politician who tries to bring home the bacon but now can't bring home any bacon because if he brings home pork he
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